El Joyero Modern Gold Plated Bracelet Oval Shape Bracelet Bangle Gemstone Bracelet Handmade Brass Adjustable Bracelets For Party Wedding Wear


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  • ➦COUNTRY ORIGIN :- India.
  • ➦GEMSTONE BRACELETS :- When We Talk About gemstone bracelets We Are Referring To Healing Stones Worn In A Bracelet Around Your Wrist. … Wearing Gemstones Close To Your Skin Every Day Is An Amazing Way Of Tapping In And Attuning To Their Natural Healing Properties.
  • ➦HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL :- Made With Brass Which Is Best Quality And Does Not Readily Corrode, Rust, Or Stain With Water. Aaa Grade Gemstone Bracelets.
  • ➦BRACELET DETAILS :- Stone Name : Black Onyx, Stone Shape : Oval, Stone Size: 10X20 Mm(Approx), Bracelet Size : Adjustable, Stone Color : Black, Plating : Gold Plated Over Brass, Quantity : 1, Making : Handmade.
  • ➦EXCELLENT GIFT :- This Bangle is an Excellent Gift for Anniversaries, Party, Holiday, Birthdays. Or just as a surprise to remind that special someone how much you care. It brings a natural and unique look to any special occasions.
  • ➦CARE :- Gently Rubbing The Surface Of Your Gold Plated Jewelry Using A Soft Jewelry Cloth, Helps Restore Shine. Do *Not* Use A Polishing Cloth As This Will Strip Away The Plating. If Your Jewelry Needs More Cleaning You May Clean It With Warm, Soapy Water. Soak It For A Few Minutes And You May Clean It With A Soft Cloth.

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1 Piece Of Designer crystal gemstone bracelet /// Specifications: Color: As Shown In Picture //// Material Used: Brass, Gemstone ///, Style: Adjustable Bracelet,// Plating: Gold Plated, Setting: Bead-Setting Due To Their Natural Properties, Our Gemstones Can Be Used As Healing Crystal And Chakra Stone That Are Used To Activate, Balance, Or Amplify The Energy Of The Mind And Body. Our Gemstone Collection Includes Jasper, Agate, Turquoise, Fluorite, Amethyst, Jade, Opalite, Mookaite, Tourmaline, Chrysocolla, Topaz, Amber, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Unakite, Howlite, Aquamarine, chaumetjewelryite, Carnelian, Obsidian, Malachite, Azurite, Aventurine, Sodalite, Crystals, Garnet, Labradorite, Sunstone, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli, Goldstone, Tiger’S Eye, Lava Rock, Fire Opal, Kyanite, Serpentine, Ruby Zoisite, Apatite, Bloodstone, Prehnite, Charoite, Coral, Sapphire, Hematite, Larimar, Morganite, Rhyolite, Emerald, Cat Eye, Ametrine, Onyx, Purpurite, Pyrope, Diopside, Seraphinite, Heliodor, Helenite, Goshenite, Spinel, Hemimorphite, Thulite, Lemon Quartz, Lepidolite, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Prasiolite, Dumortierite, Strawberry Quartz, Black Quartz Rutilated, Sugilite, Chrysoprase, Kunzite, Lazurite, Lavender Jade, Melanite, Cyanite, Gem Silica, Chrysoberyl, Scapolite, Lolite, Bertrandite, Tiffany, Blue Lace Agate, Red Stone, Almandine, Spessartine, Grossular, Andradite, Etc.

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